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Whatever your school year looks like, we have resources and opportunities available for in-person and distance learning needs. We are here to support you!

Educational Resources

National Teacher Ambassador for FFA Video: SAE for All
Check out this walk-thru video from Lily Pruitt West with the Chavez FFA Chapter in Texas to learn more about SAE resources and guides found on

Educator Resources With Separated Student Activity Sheets

In this time of distance learning, National FFA continues to look for ways to make our resources easier to use. We have separated the student activity sheets and added direct links to the lesson plans for the following resources:

Educational Opportunities

Owl Chat—Agribusiness Resources
The National FFA education and state relations teams invite you to join us for another Owl Chat session on Monday, Sept 21, at 7 p.m. EDT. This month’s conversation centers around the delivery of the agribusiness pathway. Master teachers will share their techniques for engaging the agribusiness community, strategies for growing future entrepreneurs, and implementing a school-based enterprise. Register here.

An Out-of-This-World Opportunity
The U.S. Department of Education recently launched CubeSat, a new national challenge to bring space missions to students. High schools are invited to design and build CubeSat prototypes in the classroom or at home. The challenge provides students with new learning opportunities to develop engineering, computer science, project management, and more skills for careers in aerospace and other industries. Virtual educational resources from Arduino, LEGO Education, MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative, NASA, and more are available to all schools. Up to five finalists will each receive $5,000 and additional in-kind prizes. Apply by Oct. 16.

Living to Serve Fall Semester-Long Grants Now Open
Apply Now! This grant provides middle/high school FFA chapters with up to $1,200 to implement a service-learning project in their community for one semester. The application closes Sept. 1. Email questions to

Living to Serve Chapter Challenge Open to Chapters and Individuals
Whether you are attending school in person or virtually, you can still serve your community. Share with FFA how you are serving individually or as a chapter. Find resources to inspire you to take action and log your service hours to inspire others.

Final 2020 FFA Alumni and Supporters Grant Deadline Approaching
Sept. 1 is the final deadline to apply for 2020 FFA Alumni and Supporter grants. Thanks to Tractor Supply Company, $500 legacy grants are available for starting and improving alumni and supporter chapters, and $1,000 grants are available for alumni and student members to partner on projects or events. Nutrien Ag Solutions is sponsoring $5,000 Give Back to Your Roots grants that can help pay for student affiliation fees, plant-science based projects or other agriculture program materials. Grant applications can be found at and submitted to

Member Advocates for FFA Outside of Ag
As we wrap up August and the back to school season, we sat down with FFA member Dekota MeGee who plans to advocate for ag in a career outside of the field. We also chatted with experts from Bayer and Express to answer questions about preparing for college and careers. Check out resources, career infographics and more here.

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